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The Daily (Or So) Lava

The Daily (Or So) Lava is a daily (or so) message conveyed by Shell-Bearer Chris from The Clam Of The Summit. The Lava signifies The Lava in The Holy Image being spewed out by The Clam On High. Through this message we recieve a recolation of the day's events, and advice to ponder upon.

May 22, 2008 6:42 PM

Praise fellow Followers of justice, light, and The Clam!

Today is a day that has a certain deceptiveness upon.

When looking outside, one may say: has The Clam forsaken us? Why has he brought a cold day upon us?

Well, my friends, today is no gloomy day.

No, today is a glorious light filled one!

Today we have taken a monumental step for our Holy Leader.

We have officially formed the official website for his holiness:

What is the message today?


Even when all is gloomy, there is always a significant shred of hope.

Praise be The Clam!

The Lava Of The Clam

Chris Monzon


Friday May 23, 6:40

Praise fellow Clam Followers!

As the countdown towards summer dwindles down we are filled to the brim with utmost happiness.

Today was another overcast day, with sunshine during the midday, it has returned to cloudy, and some view this as a blessing, others as a curse.

Why change the nice weather when it was so...nice?

The answer my friends, lies in The Clam's message.


Change is something to be expected, look around at your surroundings and you'll notice the change, from the biggest change to most minute. Change is not something to be dreaded, nay, it is a very good thing in our lives. We are moving living beings, and we shouldn't be confined to one thing forever, so the thing to keep in mind today is to embrace change, not push it away.

Praise Be The Clam!

The Lava Of The Clam

Shell-Bearer Chris


Tuesday, May 2008. 8:23 AM

Praise fellow followers!

I apologize for the delay in making New Lava, but I was busy this weekend. So, how was your three and a half weekend?

Now, on to the our message.

We shall discuss money, yes money.

Justin must be happy, sorry that was racist, I love you Justin!

As we go about getting older, we will have to start paying for ourselves, we aren't children. And there are our older members already going through this. Well it is good to keep in mind to save, save at least a few bucks for yourself, this adds up. Don't be supremely greedy, money is NOT a bad thing, loving money too much can be.

Our message from The Clam:

Be satisfied where you are financially, don't overspend, don't over packrat, and don't get things that don't need buying when you can get a cheaper, but still really good version, a great example being cheap sunglasses.

Praise Be The Clam!

The Lava Of The Clam

Shell-Bearer Chris

Saturday, June 14th 6:12

Praise Followers!

I am sorry to not be updating regularly, and will try to get back to that, but in that already lies my message.

Or The Clam's Lava, to speak.

As Summer has gone by most have been preoccupied, most have little time for Our Clammy Leader, and we can't let our faith be shaken by this.

An example:

On myspace, there is absolutely no activity, save for posts put by me and responded to by Aaron.

We shouldn't continue going down the road of ignorance, and avoidance, that road leads to the depths, instead, we should take the high road of virtue and righteousness, which will lead to our Holy Clam's domain, The Summit.

What is the direct message?


Follow with faith and joy The Clam's River Of Lava, because only that path takes you bliss, The Summit.

Do not be shaken of your faith by the world, stay devout and The Clam will reward you.

Praise be The Clam!

The Lava Of The Clam.

Shell-Bearer Chris

Praise be The Clam!