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How It Started

History of the Clam of the Summit

During a boring science class, a few friends got together and started breaking pens open and drawing pictures with the ink. One of the friends showed an ink-blot to another one and asked him what it looked like. The other one said it looks like a clam on a mountain spewing acid. They decided that was definitely what it was but it needed a better name. They deemed it The Clam of the Summit and it is He who spews The Lava of Life that brings forth the day and our very lives. Sadly, shortly afterwards, one of the friends who had the image in his possession had lost The Holy Image. Months had passed until one fateful day when that friend re-discovered The Holy Image. Believing it to have been of His Divine Will they decided that they should make a group that followed The Clam as leader. The rest is history.

The picture that started it all

The Creators

Matthias, Sextius and Monzonius where the three creators of the Church. They are the High Prophets; the highest rank in Clamism. They relay messages directly from the Clam himself to those that they deem worthy.