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The ranks of the Church of the Holy Clam of The Summit


The first rank you can achieve is Pearl. When you join you are automatically given this rank. The new initiates the symbolize the fruits of the clam. Precious, but young, with futures ahead. Pearls are generally tough and lustrous, if they come from an oyster. Clam pearls are generally not so valuable.



The second rank the can be achieved in Clamism is Chowder. The Chowder represents our contributions and the sacrifice made by lower clams for our sustanance. These people spread word, and are somewhat experienced. Can't think of anything funny for chowder.



The Foot is the third rank bestowed upon members. It proves that they are hard workers and help the Church hold it's footing. They form the platform keeping us attached to The Clam, support and rallyment come from them. They are valuable to the Holy Clam.



Mollusks are now full members of Clamism and can choose any mollusk that they choose to identify themselves as. They represent the people coming together as one with The Clam. They are sacred and are important to our services.


Shell Bearer

The Shell Bearer is the highest rank in Clamism. They are proven leaders and can bestow ranks upon members and allow new members in, but only with the original image of the clam. Each Shell-Bearer has a special role. Be it telling a prophecy or converting others, or bearing the holy image.
They’re like Popes.


High Prophets

The three who originally started the Church of the Clam of the Summit, Matthias, Sextius and Monzonius. They have all power and can bestow ranks and and demote members. They also can allow new members in and kick members out.

A rare view of the High Prophets in full clam battle armor


This is the only rank below Pearl. It is short for "clam fetus" and is all that you are worth to the Church. If you get demoted this is your rank. You have to be a slave to all Shell Bearers and High Prophets for a given time to be allowed to be a Pearl again.